Cloud Migration

Microsoft Azure


It usually takes time, if we are not talking about one virtual machine or 10 MS Exchange mailboxes or a simple 10Gb Fileserver, it takes time. Our assessment will indicate with fair approximation how much time will take for your workloads to get to the cloud


The bandwidth factor is a key factor influencing a migration project, it needs to be assessed properly to utilize as much as possible for migration purposes but in the same time gently not to impact the business. We can help you with that.

Hybrid architecture

This is a wanted scenario for companies that do not suffer workload downtime, it is more practical to do the migration in the background and ensure that connectivity and user experience remains the same.


With any migration project one must ensure that everyone affected is notified before, during and after. We make sure that proper communication is in place and your users and business will not be affected by things like "I cannot access my mail" or "Where are my files".


Every bit that gets moved from here to there is critical to your business. We continuously monitor the progress of the migration from the very beginning and provide visibility over what happens behind the curtains.


One can't just say that ok, let us embrace digital transformation and done. Like any piece of technology the user needs to be taught how to use it properly. Many organizations are purchasing cloud services but often are not used at maximum potential. It is just a waste of money and time we think. That is why at the end of a migration project we come up with a set of trainings for the users to teach them how to make use of the new in the best way possible. This way you get to maximize your investment in the cloud.

We cover the following but not limited to:

  • Mail migrations (Exchange 2010 and newer towards Office 365 – Exchange Online)
  • File migrations ( your Fileserver to Office 365 SharePoint Online or OneDrive 4 Business)
  • Infrastructure migration towards the cloud – slightly different topic – we offer a multi cloud approach

The list is broader but for more information contact us!