Cloud Security

  • SIEM - Security Information and Event Management solution
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • + Security
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
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SIEM - Security Information and Event Management solution

Nowadays you do not need to have a very complex environment to use a SIEM solution, the costs with the solution are fading when compared with how much costs an average security breach (3.8M USD as per a study from Ponemon Institute). Deciding what to use, this is key, you can proceed with an conventional on premises SIEM solution or embrace a cloud native one like Azure Sentinel or Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics Cloud Service, both of them will provide ML and AI, but at the end of the day it matters what if of use for your enterprise, at what cost, and how easy is to configure it.

Cloud Access Security Broker

This is a solution aimed to monitor and audit all your activity into the cloud, plus few other useful features such as providing insights into your Shadow IT and more. With correct policies in place you can rest assured that your data in the cloud is not misused and compliance is not drifting.

DBaaS Resilience

DBaas Secure

Enterprise Mobility

We work from anywhere now, and in many cases from any device, might be a personal device, might be a corporate one, in any case we need to make sure that we allow the user to conduct her/his work but in the same time keep the data protected. Microsoft Intune with System Center Configuration Manager are there to keep your protected with key features like conditional access and strong security policies enforcing over the need to access the data. Again, compliance is not drifting.

Azure Advanced Threat Protection

For a complete end to end protection of your hybrid environment from multiple types of advanced targeted cyber attacks and insider threats.

DBaaS Resilience

DBaas Secure

+ Security

Several security solutions aimed to keep you secure no matter what.

Azure Information Protection

Simply encrypt your data and let it loose on the internet being assured that even though it might be publicly released, the data will be opened only by the people you explicitly specify that are having rights to do so.

DBaaS Resilience

DBaas Secure

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Simply protect your published app with MCAS to ensure that the exposure is strictly under your terms. You get deeper visibility, comprehensive controls, and enhanced protection against cloud security issues.

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